The Last Dance

“Our time is almost up, so let’s dance until it’s over, close your eyes and listen to the music of the sea” (Song by Eleuterio Freitas Plutonio)

Picture taken at the Joao Calixto Belindo Dacosta Yacht Club, which was half destroyed by a massive attack of Sonic Drones after the province of Kronos Terrania voted in a referendum to unilaterally withdraw formally from the Hologramic Ominous Lasarte Alliance. Governor Ceniciento Ambar Socracio immediately became a popular politician.

In this scene, for an ad campaign of energy drink The Happyness of my Condition, Yoga-Tango champion Apistrofeno Abalorio Tomé dances with Rockscissorpaper champion and Protojessican celebrity Aclaida Melenas,

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PIGS Embassies

Year 2015. As a consequence of the crippling financial crisis, with no end in sight, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain have banded together and formed the PIGS Economic and Cultural Alliance. One of the first cost-cutting initiatives implemented has been the construction of common embassy premises  in the most important cities around the world. The inspiration comes from the complex that the Nordic countries built when they had to move from Bonn to Berlin, after the Berlin Wall fell. The Felleshus, which means “house for everyone” houses the five Nordic embassies and a common space for cultural events.

PIGS Embassy 2 - Alejandro Bocanegra - Babyshark's Collages

The design of all the PIGS diplomatic complexes has been crowdsourced to citizens from the four countries and the series has been called Case Study Embassies. Each facility is an architectural collage that includes a central atrium used as a meeting point and for cultural events involving any or all of the countries in the Alliance. Around this central space we find the different embassy pavilions that can be accessed from this central common area.

Embassies are now considered fundamental intruments of soft power so they are open to citizens and showcase culture from each country. Every embassy thus houses a small version of one important Portuguese, Italian, Greek or Spanish museum.

Embassy number 1 includes a mini Uffizi Gallery. This diplomatic complex includes Portuguese ceramic tile motifs, an enormous sculpture of Demosthenes that stands, like a De Chirico object on original albero (densely packed crushed yellow rock, used in bullrings), Carrara marble, and a sculpture by Spanish artist Joan Miró. Embassy number 2 has a mini New Acropolis Museum. The Ambassador is Ms. Betita Pelofrondoso Petropoulos Castiglioni.

Other embassies will have mini Prados, mini Calouste Gulbenkian, and other important art galleries or foundations.

PIGS Embassy 3 - Alejandro Bocanegra - Babyshark's CollagesEmbassy number 3 is a hi-tech travelling embassy. This slick yacht carries diplomatic staff, resident artists and young business entrepreneurs from port to port, especially countries with no formal representation. It also houses a temporary exhition inside. This is ambassador Francesca Christopoulos Coutinho González giving a press conference before departing from the port of Genoa.

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International Coastal Toxic Sands Film Festival


The International Coastal Toxic Sands Film Festival, presented by Noor Celeste Zhukova. The original presenter was to be Conchita Adamaris Mújica, but she suffered a heat stroke and had to be hastily replaced a few minutes before the gala started.

Noor Celeste is a little-known presenter from the Acid Belt Territories. She has a degree in Orbital Alternative Retro-Chemistry from the University of Radium. She has worked for Macro Pain Laboratories as an expert in Molecular Silicon Filament Transplants. She’s a certified programmer and also a metal detector entrepreneur. She loves ToxMex food.

Like every year, this year the festival will play host to parties from Expa Verbeen Chemicals and Zulux. A total of 13 movies will premiere during the third edition of the festival, including Burning Cloud Over My Tortilla, by Tucídides Teodorín Omaron. 

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Act III. Dramatic final scene with Rome-Antique descending into anarchy and chaos. The scene takes place near the Colisseum, renamed the Temple of Love by the new emperor. The situation has gotten out of control because the army has not been able to kill the Nero-Dragon. This horrible cyborg-monster, a creation of Professor Khonyo Komoduelenlas Amygdalas, and conceived as a Messenger of Hate, has already set fire to or completely destroyed some very important landmarks, like the Museum of Psychodelic Decadence, the Ministry of Foreign Sentimental Perversions and the Center for Dramatic Farts.

The dragon has now hijacked the Love Boat, a popular tourist attraction, which at the time of the hijack had 40 people celebrating an orgy inside. E-carus, the Minister of Sound and Sky, and Q-pid the Archer, all winners of the famous show Rome-Antique’s Got Talent, have been called in to help battle the monster. The Heart of Stone, a powerful weapon which has never been tested in real combat, is also being deployed in case Nero decides to attack the sacred Trees of Love in the Sculpture Garden.

A priestess watches the Fire Department arrive by parachute to fight fires everywhere, while she waits for the right moment to escape in her car. 

Candelita Montoya Zabeynovskaya, captain of the Spirit of Amelia

Candelita Montoya Zabeynovskaya is the captain of the “Spirit of Amelia”. She’s also the daughter of the infamous serial killer, Sammy “Sushi San” Montoya. After her father was arrested and convicted, Candelita spent some years with an aunt who was a professional tango teacher in Morocco. Candelita decided at an early age that she wanted to be an artist. She became a painter, then a performance artist and also learnt how to dance tango, of course.

Her love for hot air balloons came from the first of her 5 husbands, Michel-Abdel Abdullá Mohammed Highwater-Krutzcinski, an adventurer who popularized round-the-world balloon races. He died while competing in a race, when his balloon fell from the sky and into a jungle in the Republic of Congo. He is believed to have died bravely fighting a big male gorilla. His body was found dismembered.

Candelita continues competing every year in a hot air-balloon named after aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. She has won numerous titles, including the prestigious Luomuombo Mayumbe Kiwili Rundu Cazombo Air Race.

This image was taken after Candelita pulled off a dangerous maneouvre off the Cape of Good Hope last year. Despite the risky maneouvre, she managed to retain her fourth position, and she went on to win the race in the last leg, in part to the intuition of her experienced Angolan assistant and former saxophone player Didier Bartholomew “le Birdie” Bertrand José.

Director of Innovation at the center of Assymetric Desires

MJ is Director of Innovation at the Center for Asymmetric Desires, Musical Challenges and Enigmatic Lightweight Structures. She used to spend most of her time at the Center for Asymmetric Desires (CAD, on the left). However, she was actively involved in the complex negotiations to purchase the Center for Musical Challenges and Enigmatic Lightweight Structures (CMCELS, on the right). After the acquisition, her job was to create a new corporate culture. Two years later, she is about to become CEO of the new company CADMCELS. 

She’s an accomplished classical musician and professional DJ as well. Her doctoral thesis was about Pico della Mirandola and his influence on 19th century Chinese trombone players. She’s also a very good dancer. The photo was taken using a Razorgulliver retro-laser magneto camera, near the gates of Sector X5764, after a long and exhausting meeting with PR executives.